SecurityMan NDVR-04-320 Triplex Network DVR Security System

By SecurityMan



Height: 11.5in
Length: 17.8in
Width: 4in

4-ch Triplex Network DVR with 320GB, USB, Audio, Motion Detection The NDVR-04 is designed to satisfy video surveillance needs of small businesses and homes. It is relatively inexpensive and much less complex to operate than other expansive and complicated network DVRs. It performs clear and smooth digital video recording and allows the user to monitor remotely over broadband line internet / network with fixed/static IP address. The recorded video files can also be easily backed up and saved to a portable USB Flash Drive for easy submission of evidence. Features: VCR-like easy-to-use and reliable embedded standalone DVR Video Motion Detection (VDM): programmable up to 48 targets for each camera Triplex DVR : Able to monitor, record and playback simultaneously Networkable over LAN/WAN/broadband Internet with fixed IP address Watermark for video authentication Smart programming for alarm recording at high quality/resolution/speed and normal recording at lower quality/resolution/speed Display mode : Auto Switch, PIP (picture in picture), Full Screen, Quad, Zoom and Switch-able Playback/Live displays Easy backup: via network client software (to remote PC) or USB 2.0 port ( to USB flash drive) Up to 4 cameras digital recording at the same time Good for alarm sensors integration With 320GB hard drive, records about 100 hrs. @ 60fps; 5925 hrs. @ 1fps Specs: Video Format: NTSC/PAL Video Output: 2 BNC and 1 S-Video Video Input: 4 BNC/4 BNC Looping out Display Mode: Quad, Full Screen, Sequence Display Resolution: NTSC 720 x 240; PAL 720 x 288 Recording: NTSC: 720 x 240 (half D1) 60 field/s, 360*240 (CIF) 120 filed/sPAL: 720 x 288 (half D1) 50 field/s, 360*288 (CIF) 100 filed/s Recording Mode: Real Time, scheduled, motion, or alarm Compression format: Motion jpeg Field rate speed (for half DI): NTSC: ½,1,2,3,5,12,20,30,60 fps; PAL: ½,1,2,3,5,12,25,50 fps Storage: 1 IDE HDD Playback: By time, event Speed: 1/2/4/16/32x Alarm Sensors: 4 Input/1 Output Motion Detection: 48 Targets each camera 2x Zoom/PIP/Freeze